About our company:

 Pinge Electronics was founded in August 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia, based on a belief in a future where more and more people will choose micro-mobility electric vehicles to move around cities and beyond. Our goal is to create vehicles worth choosing for this transformation, assisting the sustainable transformation of our economy.
Our aim is to contribute to this transformation by developing vehicles that meet the evolving needs of modern cities and support the global shift towards sustainability, in alignment with the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreements, and the EU Green Deal.
Inspired by this vision, we plan on building our business based on the needs of different groups of people, solving their problems by providing them with micro-mobility solutions. We want to do so on the Estonian market, later expanding to deal with those challenges on a European and international level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance transportation by making sustainable and efficient mobility solutions accessible, starting in Estonia and expanding across Europe and beyond. We aim to address the mobility challenges faced by various population groups, ensuring that our solutions cater to their specific needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the micro-mobility industry with coherence and innovation, becoming the foremost advocate for the future of sustainable transportation. We aspire to make sustainable and convenient micro-mobility solutions the preferred choice for urban and rural mobility. Inspired by this vision, we aim to develop our business by addressing the unique needs of various demographic groups, offering tailored solutions to solve their specific challenges. 

Mobility Mission: helping people maintain their physical and social independence.

In Estonia, approximately 13% of the population (173,000 citizens) experience mobility challenges, often leading to a loss of physical and social independence. The high costs and limited accessibility of current micro-mobility solutions hinder their adoption, especially among the elderly. Furthermore, there are no European brands offering Electric Mobility Scooters (EMS) that combine trusted quality with reliable customer support. As the populations of Estonia and the EU continue to age, it is imperative to develop solutions that cater to these demographic changes.

The key Challenges Identified by Pinge-E include:

– Lack of EU-based Electric Mobility Scooter companies.
– Ageing populations, both in Estonia and the EU in general.
– Harsh Northern European weather conditions impeding EMS usability.
– Inadequate micro-mobility infrastructure and accessibility for individuals with limited mobility.

Our partners:

This partnership is all about inspiring and enabling the move towards more liveable urban spaces, dedicated entrepreneurial talent and competitive mobility businesses. Together we aim to build a prosperous future for our cities.


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