Mobility M2 model


Battery: 48V12AH

Max Speed: 10 km/h

Motor: 350 W

Range: 40-50 km

Weight: 23 kg

Full Size: 110 x 58 x 85 cm

Folded Size: 58 x 58 x 85 cm

Price:  1599€

Free pick up and delivery within Tallinn.

 for delivery cost outside Tallinn.

Mobility M2 model:

Weather Resistance

Designed for heaviest rains, snows, cold and heat.

Compact Size

Small frame makes it easy to move around even inside.

Long lasting

Premium quality battery design for more than one trip in a row.

Easy to use

Comfortable transportation that is easy to use.

Why are we doing this?

 In Estonia, 13% of the population (173,000 citizens) struggle with their mobility. It is easier for them to stay at home, giving away their physical and social independence, as going to a store is already a difficult challenge. 
 It should not be so. And our aim is to fix it. There is a solution – Electric Mobility Scooter. In many countries, people with mobility problems can fully maintain their mobility owning this gadget. 
 But here in Estonia, there is many obstacles, that people willing to maintain their mobility have to overcome. Harsh weather conditions, infrastructural problems, unawareness and low quality Mobility Scooters. 
Our company aims at solving all of those problems for you. We want to create the best quality Electric Mobility Scooter, adapted to our harsh weather conditions. We want to raise awareness of our great solution and work with the municipalities to adapt the infrastructure.